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  • Welcome to Server1's FAQ Page

    This is a quick page to help describe some of the changes that occured with the switch from linux2 to server1.

  • Any shares permanently assigned to a drive in windows will no longer work for Linux2. Feel free to re-assign them to Server1. BUT NOTE, part of this move is an effort to reorganize the current system of storing data.
  • The share named "Migration" is a mirror image of the old Linux2 Data3 share. Your files will be located here. However, please note the other shares available. When you see a file that is, say "accounting" specific, please move it to the Accounting share.
  • Note there are multiple shares now. There's no reason not re-mount other shares to drive letters you might have available. Some of the reasons to use a drive letter instead of the "\\servername\share\path-to-file" as some already know is that if the server or share moves, the paths specified in programs will no longer be correct, forcing a change to fix any issues.
  • This is important: The drive letters suggested below are just off-the-cuff. You can really pick any drive letter you'd like.
    HOWEVER, It's a GOOD idea to sychronize drive letters with people you might share resources with. So work with those who work in the same dataspace with you.
  • Eventually, it would be nice to EMPTY out "migration" with files organized into other shares...
  • At some point, Data5 would like to be organized into large datasets ONLY. But for now, "data5" is also in need of cleanup.

  • Linux Path (ftp) Suggested Drive
    Share Name Share Description

    /export/data3/Accounting M: Accounting SPEC Accounting/Financial
    /export/data3/Documents N: Documents SPEC Documentation (Not for Projects!)
    /export/data3/Instrument_Build_and_Records R: Instruments SPEC Products (Engineering, Docs, etc...)
    /export/data3/Manufacturing W: Manufacturing SPEC Manufacturing Department. (Mark and Pat have officially designated W:)
    /export/data3/Products T: Products SPEC Official Products
    /export/data3/FieldProjecs P: FieldProjects Field Project Information (but NOT COLLECTED DATA)
    /export/data3/Share S: Share Generic Repository for Hardware/Software (Manuals/Software)
    /export/data3/Users U: Users User Directories (for temporary or personal but shared storage)
    /export/data3/RemoteAccess -- RemoteAccess Remote "FTP" Directories for SPEC Clients

    /export/data5 Y: Data5 Migration from Linux2 (your old files will be found here)
    /export/data3/Migration Z: Migration Migration from Linux2 (your old files will be found here)

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please direct them to Chris Roden or Ben Kamen (ben@benkamen.net)