Innovation in Atmospheric Science Instrumentation

SPEC’s Mission is to further our understanding of atmospheric processes and climate change, primarily through development of innovative instrumentation, analysis and publication of collected data. SPEC has been on the forefront of cloud particle probe development for the past three decades.

SPECInc Offices
SPEC Learjet35
UAE Award
HVPS V3 Collage (Lear)
2D-S with tips closeup (2)
In situ Lidar Photos
Global Hawk
Hawkeye Lear Romanian King Air
KIng Air Collage
Cutaway KingAir with Sensors
UAS Collage
South Pole Photo _Collage

The company has 20 employees, including five Ph.D. scientists and several graduate engineers. The SPEC Learjet is equipped with state-of-the art research instrumentation and has participated in major field campaigns. SPEC’s development of new and innovative atmospheric sensors, its participation in over 40 international field programs and extensive scientific publication record are a testament to the company’s dedication to its mission.