High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer

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Highlights of the HVPS

  • The HVPS-3 (Version 3) combines 2D-S opto-electronics with HVPS optics and probe tips designed to minimize shattering.
  • Probe images precipitation sized particles using the 2D-S 128-photodiode array with 150 micron pixel resolution.
  • Particles as large as 1.92 cm are fully imaged with sample volume of 310 L/s at an airspeed of 100 m/s.
  • Probe is hermetically sealed when used with SPEC hermetically-sealed PMS-style probe canister.
  • 6-zone thermostatically controlled heater package deices leading edges, warms optics thereby preventing fogging, and warms electronics so probe may be operated in cold airborne environments. Temperature set points are user selectable.
  • HVPS-3 uses 2D-S real-time and post-processing software.
  • HVPS-3 flown on research aircraft used during recent field projects including Sparticus, MACPex, ICE-T, and SEAC4RS.