Data Analysis

A large component of SPEC’s mission is to analyze data collected with the company’s state-of-art instrumentation and publish results in peer-reviewed journals. As shown on the Recent Publications List Below, SPEC scientists have authored 40 publications in the last 15 years and have been the lead author in 25 of these papers. Integral to the analysis of collected data, SPEC has participated in several major International Field Programs and developed over 500,000 lines of software codes used to process and analyze data. SPEC now makes all of its custom software source code available to all users in the Download Section of this website.

In addition to its focus on publication of peer-reviewed journal papers, SPEC scientists have participated in over 100 international conferences and workshops, giving oral presentations and posters. While it is overwhelming to include all of the posters and presentations on this website, links to some of the more recent posters and presentations are included below on this page.

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